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*Whey Protein supplement for lean muscle building*ideal Post Workout and early morning protein drink* Free Form BCAAs and L-Glutamine added * Fast Recovery Drink For High Intesity Workout
Unlike other brands we choose not to pump our protein full of fats and carbohydrates . Muscle Matrix is built upon pure Whey Protein concentrate and can be taken anytime -Early in the morning , before or after workout and at any meal time to keep your body nourished with nitrogen retaining amino acids and protein. Superior Quality Protein formula . We start only the finest raw material and put it through a series of refined, senstive filtration steps . Micro ultra filration and all low temprature processing brings you a super clean , undenatured , very high protein nitogen boosting powder. in Muscle Matrix we uses specially dsigned Protein Blend that provide Free-Form L-Glutamine and a high Branched Chain Amino Acid(BCAAs) profile whith rapid absorption for powerful and effective lean muscle gain during high intensity workout.



      (Actual Price)