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"WHEY PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT FOR HARD GAINERS -Enriched with Free-form L-Glutamine -Best Quality of Whey Protein -Ideal Meal Replacement "
  • Weight Gainer
"WHEY PROTEIN SUPPLEMNET FOR HARD GAINERS Target Growth has been formulated with a suitable proportion of protein, complex carbohydrates and a very less quantity of fat to offer the highest nutritional combination that meets the bio-physiological and nutritional needs of very hard gainer person, bodybuilder and Athlete. Target Growth is suitable post workout protein deink for those who cannot afford higher priced supplement .it is also an ideal meal replacement food supplement. To maximizes the benefits of meal frequency, Target Growth is enriched with low and high Glycemic index carbohydrates, necessary Vitamins and a high class amino acid profile obtained from: Whey protein concentrate *Isolated Soy Protein* Free Form L-Glutamine * Milk Protein * Anti-Oxidant Vitamins Our unique combination of the highest quality ingredients is responsible for tissue repair muscle recovery, muscular growth and fat loss. Every to prepare and use, Target Growth simplifies meal planning and can be co



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