DEXTRO C( 1000 g )

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  • Pre Workout Supplement
"Complete Refreshment -Anti-oxidant Formula -Energy Booster Dextro-C has been formulated with essential Mineral and Vitamins to act as a chief source of energy int the body. During any physical stress of intense training, muscles are depleted of their glycogen which is responsible for providing the muscle with sufficient energy. This deficiency of glycogen in the muscle tissues is replenished by Dextro-C. Complete Refreshment With Muscle Relaxants! Dextro-C provides your body with everlasting refreshment of nourishing your Immune System. It also acts as a Muscle Relaxant as it fights against the free radicals and oxidants present in the body. The anti-oxidant potency of Vitamin C and D present in Dextro-C helps the body to flush out these free radicals and oxidants. High GlycemicIndex! Dextro-C is higher in Glycemic Index (G1) and can rapidly enter the bloodstream. Thus it is utilized by the body. A Superior Alternative! Dextro-C is a superior alternative to other suppleme



      (Actual Price)