Night Isomatrix( 1000 g )

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"Sustained Release Casein Protein Supplement • High Quality Miceler Casein Protein Delivers Steady Amino Acid Elavations for Minium 7 hours. • Best Quality Whey. Free Form BCAAs & L-Glutamine Added "
"An athlets’s worst nightmare is that his hard earned mucle is being broken down in his sleep.Keeping this in mind we have methodically prepared NIGHT ISOMATRIX which is an anti=catabolic slow digesting fuel. Nght Isomatrix is the only protein you should be taken before going to sleep Why? Pure Casein protein has a long term effect in suppressing protein breakdown which your body needs to sustain for six to eight hours during your sleep without food.In fact, a total release of amino acids in the blood stream can last as long as 7 hours after ingesting of Casein protein! You can also consume Night Isomatrix when you know you are going to miss upur next scheduled meal. So for the next few hours it is going to give your body the required fuel for your muscles. In Other words, It’s an awesome muscle- sparing protein. Night Isomatrix is an Unparalleled blend of superior quality Miceler Casein Protein,Whey Protein, Free-Form BCAAs & L-Glutamine to attain a miraculous physique. "



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