This is my 12 weeks transformation and I would like to thank Mr. Singh for helping me out throughout the journey. My goal was to build a lean muscular physique and I knew Mr. Singh’s knowledge and expertise would help me achieve my goal. The kind of personalized guidance and attention to detail that Mr. Singh provides to his clients is beyond anyone’s expectations. He regularly keeps a check on the progress through pictures shared with him and guides accordingly. I would recommend that if anyone has any fitness goals and want correct guidance, you can trust Mr. Singh without any second thought.


I started training under Yatinder Sir as I wanted to play men’s physique category. This was going to be my first competition and I decided to train under Yatinder Sir considering his experience in the industry and the knowledge that he possessed over the years participating himself on national as well as international stage. I achieved the transformation in less than 12 weeks following the workout and diet plan that he suggested me. During the entire period of my prep, I never felt demotivated or difficult as he was always there to help me out. No wonder his plans are best but what you need for your transformation is motivation and mental strength. This is what I always got from him and I kept on going. Though I did not get any position in top 3 but I was placed in top 10 and I was really happy to achieve this for my first time. Also, I got a mentor and a coach and I would like to continue my journey with him for further preparations as well. 


I started training under Yatinder Sir in Feb 2018. I was a digital marketer and the purpose was to lose fat. I weighed around 80 Kgs at that time and I was really unhappy with my health and decided to start my training under an expert. From that day it was no looking back. The way Sir guided with the workout and nutrition plan is the best. He always kept me motivated to follow everything consistently so that I can achieve my goal. Whenever I had any doubt or felt demotivated, he was always there to make sure I do not stumble. I lost 15 Kgs of weight in 6 months but most importantly I gained muscle mass which was even better. I was sure that I was losing fat in a healthy way and without starving myself as I was having very nutritious meals as per my plan. I found a mentor for lifetime in him and realized that fitness is what makes me happy. After 9 months of training with him and achieving my goals, I decided to quit my corporate job and became a full-time fitness professional. Sir guided me for everything and I cannot thank him enough for all the things that I have achieved under his direction.


I was always a gym lover but was never able achieve a lean and muscular body. However, the wish was not too far from becoming true when I started online training under Yatinder Sir. I had trained under many experts earlier and would never come close to reaching my goals. Now, I can say it with all the confidence that he is truly the best. Within short period I began to get the results and smash the goals I had set. I continued my training with him for 1 year and was very happy as I knew that I was training under the best. The most impressive thing about him is he always keeps you motivated and at the same time his commitment for his students. If you miss to let him know your progress, he will keep contact you to make sure you are on track and motivates you at every step. I am really thankful to him to change in life in all aspects and for all the incredible guidance and motivation.


I am an athlete and have been playing bodybuilding competitions from long. Recently, I came in contact with Mr. Singh through a reference and decided to prepare myself under him. I myself was surprised with the results as this I achieved the best physique ever and was really happy. The way he guides is different from many others and definitely the best. The workout and diet plan that he makes are very comprehensive and the results that I got by following them were amazing. He kept guiding me till the last day of the contest. As we all know that last week is very crucial before stepping on the stage, there was no single day when I felt difficult as Sir was always there for motivation and for guiding me.