Depression is becoming more common than common cold nowadays. Many people from all the age groups are somewhere suffering from this dangerous parasitic disease called depression. The advancement of technology and digital interference in daily life is helping the depression to make space for it. All of us are busy in managing our daily routine but somewhere we have started neglecting ourselves. And it is the cause of the increasing rate of depression.

We all must have heard about the good effects of exercise in our life. If we will try to look at all those advantages of exercise then the list will go long. In fact, everyday new findings are coming out which says that exercise can do miracles too. Just like that exercise is doing a miracle by helping us in fighting against depression. It has been found that exercise is one of the best ways to help the person battling with depression.

Exercise as lifeguard :Addition of exercise pills in our lifestyle can really help us because while doing exercise, our thought process is forced to stop or divert itself from the problem going on in our daily life. We exclusively dedicate that time to ourselves. Exercise has good effects on the neurotransmitters; which is the reason behind the good mood chemicals creation in our brain. Here is the list of a few ways to exercise that can be done in our busy lifestyles as well.

  • Go for a walk – The use of treadmill never fancied most nature lovers. So in that case we should wake up half an hour earlier and go for a walk to clear our minds and to sweat our worries out.
  • Adopt a dog/pet –We can adopt a dog or pet and then use them as an excuse to go for daily jog. It can help us in two ways in fact. One in the company of our pet we’ll feel less lonely and other is because of their daily jog we will jog with them too and it will definitely help in uplifting our moods.
  • Join dance class –The other interesting way to exercise is dancing. One can never get a more exciting way to exercise than dance. So, getting admission in a dance class can really help us.
  • Talk on the phone while walking –One other way to exercise is to walk while talking with our friends on the phone. It is very effective in its own way as we will not mind the time while walking because we are chit chatting with our friends. And automatically our quota of exercising will be done without us even knowing. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.
  • Cycling/Boxing/Swimming – There could be some days when we don’t want to do proper exercise then it is okay, we can find an alternative to that. We can go cycling or swimming. There is one more option of boxing if one is interested in it. These can be our hobbies which will indirectly help us in exercising and fighting against depression.
  • Join gym with a friend – Going for workout sessions with a partner ensure a routine in your life, which you look forward to. Treat yourself with good peppy music which exercising daily to top it all. Yoga sessions at fitness studios are very helpful in warding off depression of any kind. They balance your inner and outer self, giving a positive mindset to take on life with.