Work Out Your Fat-Burning Heart Rate

If you want to lose weight, you got to burn more calories. When we regularly exercise, the deposited fat gets used up or I may say gets burn in the form of calories. The amount and type of food we are taking is the main factor balance our weight and diet

If you want to measure the intensity of your workout then you will have to check the heart rate that can help you know that heart rate increases with exercise. Your heart rate will increase automatically, the harder you exercise, more your heart rate will increase.

Do you know 70% of your heart rate is counted in fat burning heart rate?

Combine Cardio and Weight Training To Increase Weight Loss

We always keep thinking about which exercise will help us to burn most calories. I would like to inform you that running can be the most effective way to burn calories.You can burn approximately 100 calories per meal but running is not an only a way or enough to burn calories.

There are several exercises available except running which will keep your heart rate up. Like you can go to the gym and can start weight training for weight loss, you can jump on the exercise bike or you can join a cardio class to burn your fat but if you combine cardio classes and weight training then you will get the better result in weight loss.

Weight training is the most effective way to burn calories that fits with both men and women.

Good exercises to work these areas are squats, pull-ups, press-ups, bench presses, and deadlifts. Try 6 to 8 sets, and 15 to 30 reps of each exercise.

3 Simple Exercises For Weight Loss

Here are 3 simple exercises for your weight loss you must complete the sets and rest 2 minutes between each set.

No, let’s focus on simple exercises for losing weight.

Exercise 1: Sit-ups

Stand on the floor and separate the feet from the hip-width. Place your hands near your forehead.  Tuck in the chin and roll the chest forward. Easily return to the starting position. Inhale at the beginning of the movement, exhale as you lift your torso up.

Set up exercises more important it has reduced the risk of back pain and injury it is very effective for stability and helps a lot in burning calories.

Jumping Jacks

Stand upright along with sweet and dancing with the leg separate your arms straight above the head.

After this return to the starting position and repeat it again and again.

You have to focus properly in this exercise you have to breathe in at the starting point and have to breathe out when you spread the legs.

Mountain Climbers

The hands should be straightened along the shoulders and below them and the hands. Bring your right leg forward and knee to the chest with claws on the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the left leg.

It’s Important To Eat A Balanced Diet

If you really want to lose your weight so you like to follow the balanced and healthy diet plan that contains all fruits and vegetables those contain protein and vitamin. A balanced diet is very essential for weight loss. As always said that the diet plays 80 % role in loosing weight.