In this fast-paced world, nobody has time. Everyone is running behind their career, daily routines and many other things. “Time is money” this proverb has now become the motto of almost every person. Nobody has extra time to spend even with their family and friends. Still they cannot ignore their health and fitness. So, for those fitness freaks with less time, there comes the HIIT workout. This workout has many merits which will attract you all towards it.

Meaning of HIIT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It means the workout training which requires high intensity while doing exercise with proper intervals. It can be more interesting than aerobics. What more one could’ve asked for than an interesting and effective workout which is capable of giving results in less time. And HIIT is a full package workout plan to lose your body fat. The most problematic part of body fat is belly fat and it takes most of your time. But not to worry because HIIT has got your back as it will give you a satisfying result very fast in comparison with other workouts, it is most effective in belly fat loss.

How does HIIT work

The advantages of HIIT have been observed by many over the past few years, it is also the reason why the popularity of HIIT is increasing day by day. Now coming back to the process of HIIT, it is a short yet intense kind of exercise. This literally asks for high intensity from you and that is why you are advised to get fully checked by a doctor before starting HIIT. The high intensity workout helps in torching the fat from your body especially from your belly. It involves various sets of exercises of lower intensity as well to maintain the balance. Actually, the workout involved in this,turns your body into a calorie burning machine for the next 48 hours. And it is the reason why it is suggested to do HIIT only 3 times in a week.

Schedule of HIIT

Scheduling your workout routine is very crucial in HIIT if you want desired results. The timely workout is very helpful in this case. You need to workout for 20 minutes only in a day under HIIT workout plan. In between the exercises you can take the necessary break of 30 sec to 1 minute. Throughout the exercise you are advised to strictly follow all the rules and timelines given by your instructor. With the right way of workout, you can get the desired results in 12 weeks only, without any change in your diet. There are many benefits of HIIT which include fat loss, burning of calories, less time consuming, no equipment required and metabolism boost. The best benefit of HIIT is that it improves your overall health and agility.