1. Optimal Digestion (Healthy Gut)

No matter how good and well balanced food you eat, if you are not able to digest and assimilate the nutrients from the food, you will not reap the benefits of a nutritious diet. Make sure your gut is free of any pathogens, bacteria or fungal infections and have copious amount of commensal and beneficial flora (which we call healthy bacteria) present in our digestive tract for optimal health and fat loss .

2. Fiber

 Fiber is the one of the most important key for losing fat as it helps to balance the sugar levels in blood as higher amount of sugar when unutilized are the one which get converted to triglycerides and eventually stored as fats in adipose tissue. Soluble fiber is helps lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels while insoluble one makes roughage and helps to control the satiety, keeps you full for longer time.

3. Fats

They should be given due importance during any fat loss program as the diet lacking enough and good quality fats never give you consistent results and you reach plateau very soon along with multiple side effects like dry skin, hair loss, loss of memory and consistent fatigue etc. Fats are the preferred source of energy at rest and should be a part of diet for fat loss because if you end up eating no or very less fat in diet they end top eating more carbs due to fluctuation blood sugar levels.

4. Earn Your Carbs

Carbs are converted to glucose to be used as a source of energy for brain as well as for any muscular efforts. Carbs have highest insulin illicit response and eating refined or processed carbs through out the day trigger a strong insulin response and having chronically elevated insulin and sugar levels can turn on a inflammatory cascade and also in long run make you insulin resistance. Exercise and low carb diet makes you more insulin sensitive and thus you will be able to tolerate carbs better and body is able to use it as a fuel efficiently.

5. Go Slow

Whatever you are doing, do one thing at a time. If you are adding exercise to your weight loss program, add a little first, if you are reducing calorie intake reduce to a minimum of 300-400 cal at first, if you want to reduce carbs or fats do it a minimally first. The most important key is Consistency. Whatever you do, do it consistently to see the results whether its diet or exercise