The early, chirpy, energetic mornings with little warm sunshine washing through your window, you feel like just jumping off your bed and get into your running shoes to absorb the essence of everything beautiful, to feel the rush of life inside your body after a hearty run. Then there are end of days, when you feel like pushing a bit more and give it a grand finale with a run. Whatever the time be, it is always a good time to catch up on your running, and we will tell you why you must keep all the excuses aside and just run.

1. As we just discussed, running is probably the best way to kick-start a happening day or to make a not-so-happening day, a rewarding one while centralizing your energy. Similarly, it is the best way to end your day on a high-note and do away with all day’s stress.

2. Running not only channelizes your energy, keeps your mind focused and settled but also a wonderful way to say good-bye to all the stress capping your personality for a long time. Running, especially, outdoors, is a stress-buster of one of its kind. Running plus the advantages of a good environment lifts up your mood, no matter how down you have been feeling. It helps keeping all the life’s crazy ways at bay.

3. Running is one of the best cardio exercises and hence, works well for whole of your body and its metabolism. It boosts your health and helps rejuvenate your body with all that good perspiration. All in all, it helps you live longer and stronger. It has been found that there have been more deaths because of lack of exercise than to obesity.

4. It increases your food assimilation and you can enjoy a second portion of your breakfast without feeling guilty about the same. Running burns calories fast and steady.

5. If you are running daily, it makes for an all round exercise and workout. Doing it in mornings and evenings for a set period of time, keeps you in shape, healthy and beaming with energy. The sweat adds up to your glow and looks. What more can you expect from an age-old exercise mode!

6. If you have enrolled for a run, then of course you must know that it isn’t going to happen itself. You have to get up and get going to make it possible. Practice for it and give it your best shot. Try to do it better than before every time you participate in a run. Enrolling for a run is a very good idea to keep yourself running even if you don’t feel like doing it in some of those grumpy days.

7. Take running as a relaxing mode if you are not hurt or injured and really need that ‘rest’ more over your running. Running makes you feel relaxed, it makes you deliver more out of your body in terms of work and stamina whole day. Whether on a treadmill or outdoors, It is a way to lass yourself with power to carry out a successful and distressing work life.

Last but not the least, one important tip to make it easier for you to get up without efforts and go for a run – Don’t look at your watch and just run. Let time not constrict your willingness to run. Free yourself on the days when you are most likely thinking of not doing any workout or not running. When you just run without looking at the watch, you feel free and there is your natural body clock which tells you when to stop and when you must get a rest. Trust that watch instead.

To be able to do so, you need to start pacing your run while running daily. First start on a slow pace by covering up your watch. Pick up speed in between and check your watch midway to have an idea of your pace. After a few days of practice your body clock will let you know approximate time you have taken in your run. Hence, all is the game of practice which makes your body intuitive of time. Once you are in sync with it, running will not seem that difficult or long process to you.

Reap the benefits of running and make it a part of your lifestyle as much as you do other daily chores and then see how you get so used to it, you will start finding reasons to do it.