High-intensity running 

Human body tends to rely more on carbs being the quick source of energy. High intensity running is basically preferred by the advanced level runners.

Lower-intensity runs

When it comes to lower-intensity runs, fat burns longer and steadier. Interestingly, lower intensity running will enable you to burn a larger calories proportion from fat.

Strength training

Strength training enables you to burn more calories within a day while helping you keep running injuries at bay. This is where the role of weight or resistance training comes in the picture. You do not require lifting heavy weights under resistance training. All you need to do is to opt for simple body weight exercises’.

Running time

Scheduling your runs at an appropriate time will help you stay committed to your running regime. The majority of the experts recommend morning runs when energy level is high.

Importance of Diet

When it comes to the weight loss workout, consistency is the key. Whether you like running or no, if you are able to stick with the running routine, you will certainly be able to lose weight. However, besides pursuing a consistent running routine, you need to focus on calories quality. Not many runners focus on consuming ideal balance of nutrients. In fact, a few people believe that since they are running, they can eat whatever they want and that too in any quantity. Such disordered eating end up in triggering further weight gain leading to a frustrating vicious circle of depression.

Importance of non-impact workout

In comparison to the running, walking is less stressful on muscles, joints of lower extremities, bones. For any beginner in running, it is important to plan a workout that consists of mixing of running and walking depending on how well your body is ready to embrace running. For the majority of the beginners, tissues do not become stronger within one day. Therefore, non-impact workouts including cycling is recommended between run days to further speed up the process of weight loss.

The bottom line

If you are new to the world of the running, you need to gain familiarity with different kinds of running schedule, learning apt running form, rules related to running etiquette, safety tips and beyond. The majority of the runners fail to keep their expectations in check while running to lose weight. If due to any reason, if you feel that you are unable to lose weight as quickly you would expect, you need to ask a few questions to yourself related to the diet. Also, combining running with a few remarkable activities comprising of rowing, cycling, hiking and weight training, and more will further help you to shed extra pounds in minimal time.