To get proper nutrition is very important for every person. But it increases even double fold in the case of gym going persons. The people those are going to gym for gaining muscles must read this article because in this article you’ll get the list of 5 best foods that can help you in muscle gaining. You need good amount of energy to do those heavy lift ups in gym and to do so you must give proper attention towards your diet.

5 Top foods that help in muscle gain

One of the common nutrition that could be found in all the food helpful in muscle gain is proteins. Proteins have very good results in building muscles in your body. The constituents that consists to make proteins play major role in muscles building. When you are doing the intense workout at gym for gaining muscle then you really require full energy for maximum results. Here is the list of top 5 foods that can be found very easily and do miracles for muscle gain. You can add these in your daily diet for better results.

  1. Eggs– Every fitness freak knows that how essential and good egg is for them. So, no wonder it has very important role in muscle building as well. It is the perfect food for consuming proteins. An egg gives about 7 grams of proteins. It is good to have 2 eggs as post workout snack.
  2. Coffee – Coffee has some magical effects which uplifts your mood and energy. Actually, coffee helps in increase the blood pressure and heart rate which helps you to get most of your workout. But you should keep in mind that only limited amount of coffee is required. And you should not mix sugar and milk in it.
  3. Lentils (Masoor dal)– It is rich in proteins and fiber. The 100 grams of dry lentils are enough to give required amount of proteins and fiber to your body. The good part about lentils are that it can be found very easily in almost every household.
  4. Ginger – The additionof ginger in your diet can help in many ways. One it has some medicinal effects in it which helps in fast recovery of sore muscles you get while exercising. Second it strengthens the immune system which leads to make to healthy. And as you are well aware of that only a healthy person can do proper muscle gain or exercise.
  5. Walnuts –The nuts and seeds are very effective in muscles gaining. They are very rich in fats and proteins. The crucial part of gaining muscles is to have something with fat content. So, that is why dieticians also advise to include nuts in your diet. The fat contents found in nuts are very good in this case as they are the unsaturated fat which can become effective very easily.