Strategic approach

Using fresh ingredients in context of vegetables and fruits is extremely crucial during the Covid.  Frozen fruits and vegetables can also be used provided if they are from quality-oriented brands. To ensure easting fresh meals, it is crucial to be mindful of the quantity of meal well-planned to avoid consumption of stale food and food wastage.

Home-cooked meals

Home-cooked meals may appear monotonous but you can tweak the flavour to satiate your taste buds by experimenting with the delectable recipes available online. Especially, it is time to explore healthy recipes featuring accessible ingredients to ensure that your immunity remains intact.

Be mindful of portion sizes

Amidst the pandemic, getting portion sizes right may emerge as the most challenging task. With the numerous online credible food-based dietary resources, you can gain inkling regarding the guidelines related to healthy portions for children and adults.

Pursue safe and hygiene food handling practices

Food safety and hygiene is the major prerequisite for healthy diet and food security. While preparing food it is extremely crucial to follow quality food hygiene practices to thwart the possibility related to the foodborne diseases and food contamination. For the same, it is crucial to keep your kitchen, hands, and utensils clean besides using safe raw ingredients’ and water.

Cut down your salt and sugar intake

During pandemic, it is natural to experience heightened cravings related to something sweet and salty. If you feel like integrating dessert options in your diet, make sure they are low in sugar besides consuming small portions. Also it is better if they turn to be low-fat options. Moreover, avoid adding extra sugar to further sweetening your beverages. 

Cut down your fat intake

As per WHO recommendation, total fat intake must be less than 30% of overall energy intake. For the same purpose, you can turn to various healthy cooking methods devoid of fat. That includes grilling, steaming, sautéing instead of frying cooking method. If required, there is no harm using a tiny amount of unsaturated oils to cook foods. To make well-informed decision regarding fat related information, do not forget to read nutritional labels. It is always better to avoid food that contain trans fat including fried and processed foods like baked goods including frozen pizzas, crackers, cookies, pie crusts and more. When in doubt, it is always better to opt for minimal processed ingredients and foods.

Consume sufficient fibre

Fibre plays a pivotal role in keeping your digestive system healthy while offering an extended feeling of fullness thereby preventing overeating. Best sources of fibers include pulses, vegetables, fruit and wholegrain foods including brown pasta, quinoa, oats, whole-wheat wraps and bread instead of refined grain foods including white rice and pasta. 

The bottom line

Well-balanced nutritional diet is the key to good immunity but it is the hydration that is equally important for optimal health. Stay hydrated and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages to cut down on consuming excess calories. Moreover, avoid large amount of strong coffee, tea, and energy drinks as they tend to negatively affect your sleeping patterns.