What is a barbell?

In case you’re regular in the free weights section of the gym, you’ll know that a barbell is a long metal weighted shaft that can be used in strength training on its own or with weights connected to either end. They’re characteristically 1 inch wide and weigh between 10kg and 20kg.

Why try barbell exercises?

You all know that studies have found strength training is extraordinary for building bone density, reducing your hazard of heart disease, and building lean muscle.So why strength train with barbell exercises? So why strength training with barbell exercises? Simply, they are flexible workout tools that can be used in different ways to provide bang for buck moves.

  1. Barbell deadlift

Stand along with your feet hip-width apart, toes under the bar. With a neutral spine, pivot at the hips and knees to lower down and hold the bar. Brace your back muscles and, keeping your arms straight,push through your heels to drive up to standing. Squeeze your glutes at the best. Return the barbell to the floor by reversing the movement.

  1. Barbell hip thrust

Start by placing a mat on your hips to make sure the barbell doesn’t burrow in or feel uncomfortable. Start with your upper back resting against the bench or a block.

With the barbell over your hips and your feet immovably put on the floor, press your glute muscles and drive your hips upwards, focusing on keeping your spine tucked in and your core braced.

  1. Barbell front squat

Set the barbell below shoulder height on the rack. Stand together with your feet shoulder-width apart and get a grasp on the bar together with your hands somewhat wider than your shoulders, palms facing upwards. Take a step back and move your hips back and down into a squat. Point to urge your hips below your knees. Drive through your heels to push back up to the starting position.

  1. Barbell good morning

Making sure the bar is set at your shoulder height, step underneath and rest it across the top of your back, just below the bottom of your neck. Getting the bar with hands and lifting off the rack completely, move forward to ensure you do not hit the rack with the barbell.

To begin your great mornings, stand shoulder-width apart. Together with your back straight and head facing forward, gradually twist your hips and lean your body forward until it’s parallel to the ground. Return to the normal and repeat.