Resistance training is also known as strength training, weight training, lifting. It includes any workout that resists your movement, creating more tension in the muscles for a greater impact. It includes any workout that resists your movement. The health and fitness benefits of resistance training are incredible and we are going to drive them here.

Here are the benefits of resistance training. Let’s have a look together.

  1. Tones muscles

There is something so special about the feeling when muscles grow in your body and when you can actually experience the change. You are more likely to be motivated to keep going on. Through resistance training,you are working your muscle groups by resisting because some other force pulls them in the opposite direction. Whether that is with free weights, a workout band you have lying around the house, cable machine, or even your body weight, you are going to experience those results.

  1. Improvesposture

The muscle groups around your spine help you to sit up straighter and maintain a proper posture. They are also part of what we call our core muscles. most people think of core workout as the roadway to carving out six pack abs before summers but your core is much more important than that. It helps to support your spine. We engage our abdomen regularly by doing day to day activities.

  1. Mental health

You are pretty great and we think you should see that in yourself. One way to help with mental health issues like depression and anxiety is to stay active. People with mild to moderate depression who participated in a resistance training program two times per week saw reductions in their symptoms of depression compared to those who did not do resistance training.

  1. Mood

Strength training can also lift your spirits. It reduced symptoms of depression. Most of us support that, just like aerobic exercise, strength training raises levels of feel good brain hormones.

  1. Heart health and well being

We often think of our heart, but do you know that heartis the most important muscle in your body. With heart disease being the leading cause of death,it is essential to think about your heart health and have it checked regularly. Lifting weight for an hour a week can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 70%.

  1. Lowers blood glucose

Our body muscle holds about twice as much glucose as your liver. Greater muscle mass provides more storage space for glucose, which your body can use through either aerobic exercise.