If you look at your body as a machine, no machine is built for non-performance. Machines are built for work. Hence, our body has a potential to perform almost every work and the trick lies in training it to do so. The combination of human mind and body together makes it superior to all species of creatures living on earth. Training, hence, is the key to living your life the way you want without getting bogged down by weakness, lifestyle diseases, viral and bacterial infections.

Talking about viral and bacterial infections, exercise and training along with good nutrition strengthens our guard system in the body to fight against them. Even if you get an infection, you heal better without loosing much strength. An age-old saying advocates to eat well and exercise well to live a rewarding life. If you are not healthy, you are going to miss on all the fun life has to offer, all the dreams you wished to achieve and all the happiness that comes from good health.

 Most of us don’t know how exercise helps decrease chances of developing heart disease. It also keeps your bones healthy and strong. Important aspect of supporting your overall health can also come in handy right now to boost your immune system.

 Benefits immune system

Exercise benefits your immune system in many ways, it can increase blood flow, help clear bacteria out of your airways, cause a brief elevation in body temperature that may be protective reaction, strengthens antibodies to help fight infection and reduce stress hormones.

 Reduce Inflammation

Regular exercise reduces inflammation allowing the immune system to perform better. While acute inflammation in response to an injury is part of a healthy immune system, chronic inflammation can slow down the immune system.

Exercises that help in building immunity

Strength Training, Yoga and Cardio – are the basic forms of exercises and combining all three leads to an overall balanced healthy immune system. Cardio is good for hearth and circulatory system and also increases your stamina. Yoga balances your mind and body, relieves pain and helps in fighting several diseases, makes you flexible and makes internal organs (like lungs, liver, joints, digestive system, heart etc.) strong while toning your outer body. Strength Training helps build a stronger muscles system which supports your joints too. Strong muscles help in supporting your joint and relieve pain in joints.

All these forms of exercises when done together or in a pattern throughout the week, give your immune system a boost that has a long-term effect on quality and longevity of your life.

Nutrition plays a strong role in supporting your immune system and it is always 70% of nutrition and 30% of exercise when it comes to proportion of contribution to your body. So, we have to take our food seriously all the time, make clean choices like fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, cottage cheese, curd, fish, chicken, eggs, whole grains, nuts and dry-fruits. Always remember that exercise supports your immune system but food makes it.