It is never enough to gain muscle when it comes to bodybuilding and muscle hypertrophy is in trend these days.Teenagers look up to them and thinkthat one day they’ll have the same kind of muscle overload! But it is more than impressing girlfriends, it is consistent hardwork, determination and passion to stay buffed up.

Hypertrophy is an increase in growth of muscle cells. It refers to an increase in muscular size achieved through exercise. Typically, muscle hypertrophy occurs as a result of strength training, which is why it is normally associated with weight lifting.

There are two types of muscle hypertrophy.First is myofibrillar and other is sarcoplasmic. Some people may adapt their training to target different types of muscle growth.

How does muscle grow in the body?

Muscle size increase when a person continually challenges the muscles to deal with higher levels of resistance or weight. This process is known as muscle hypertrophy. Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibers of the muscles sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibers by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles.

Human growth hormone and insulin growth factor, also play a role in muscle growth and repair.

These hormones work by:

  • Improving how the body processes proteins
  • Inhibiting the breakdown of protein
  • Activating satellite cells, which are a type of stem cell that plays a role in muscle development
  • Stimulating anabolic hormones, which promote muscle growth and protein synthesis
  • Enhancing tissue growth.

Strength training is an important way of building muscle size and strength.

It takes several weeks or months of consistent activity and exercise before muscle changes become visible.

Increase in muscle size

Work of the strength training is to induce muscle hypertrophy from straining the muscles to cause damage. It performs movement against resistance, includes:

  • Lifting weights
  • Using resistance bands
  • Performing bodyweight exercises, such as pushups
  • Using weight machines

Different types of strength training are there for different body types.


Build muscle through exercise

People build muscle at different rates depending on their age, sex, and genetics but muscle development significantly increases if exercise is consistent, challenging and long term.

People also achieve the best results when they follow exercise with enough rest.

The best type of exercise to build muscle is strength training, although cardiovascular activity can also provide supportive benefits.