Doing yoga, going to the gym, morning walk, all these things have come to a halt in the Corona era. People are locked in their homes. Due to non-opening of gyms etc. people have become lazier. Sitting in homes, doing office work. It has become a situation that people are not getting down from their beds. It takes just 19 minutes to erase your laziness and fill your mind quickly. In these 19 minutes, you do this work and stay fit and fine. You have to give only 19 minutes in your 24 hours. Give yourself these 19 minutes and then see how much your health changes.

Do in the jogging hall of the garden

What happened is not allowed to go to the park in your city. In the morning, first of all, walk in your hall for 10 minutes at a slow speed. Believe that your health will improve. Make it in your mind that this is the park. Then look amazing. Nothing happens in a day. After sitting at home for many months, your belly has come out, you will soon see a decrease in it.

Just two steps after lunch

Suppose you are in the house. Now you don’t even go to the dining table to eat food. In such a situation, asking for a walk after eating is not less of a burden on you. So we will not ask you to walk long. Just 5 minutes persuade you to walk. Then what will be amazing, you will also see.

Don’t dine out

You must have gone on a dinner date many times with your partner. Now join Kadam Taal with him in the Corona era. We also know that doing any work alone makes you bored. That is why we are saying not to walk alone, but only 4 minutes outside the house after dinner with a partner. Your four steps will prove to be very effective for the health of both of you. Apart from this, you can do yoga and exercise. This will not only improve your health but will improve the health of your entire family. Seeing you, other people of the house will also follow it. In this epidemic, it is very important that you take care of yourself and your family and avoid this disease.