Most of us agree on the benefits of exercise and make sure to at least go for a walk or a run. Others hit the gym, pound the treadmill or incorporate activities like zumba, yoga or pilates in their fitness regime.

Let’s do a fact check here.

Myth#1: Crunches are the best way to target your core.

Most people think of six pack abs when they think about their core. Which is one of the reasons crunches, which target these muscles, are such a popular exercise.

Fact: You need more than just crunches to strengthen your core.

Myth#2: You can spot reduce an area of your body.

Spot reduction, particularly belly fat reduction, is one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry. This myth says that if you do a ton of abs exercise, you’ll lose fat from your stomach, or if you target inner thigh exercise, you can shrink that area.

Fact:You can’t lose fat in just one area- we can’t control which area the body fat will come off first.

Myth#3: To see faster progress, train every day.

Some fitness personalities preach the “no day off” mentality. But experts say working out every single day can do more harm than good.

Fact: You need rest- it can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for your body to repair from a workout and that’s when progress actually happens.

Myth#4: Long workout are required for result.

This myth comes from the concept od quantity over quality. People think that doing more for longer yields more result.

Fact:short work area effective, too- you don’t have to speed an hour working out every single time exercise. If you have 30 minutes, don’t let that discourage you from working out.

Myth#5: There’s a specific workout that can give you “long, lean lines”

Many workout programs promise longer, leaner muscles. This is particularly pervasive in the low impact fitness world, which includes Pilates, barre, yoga and more.

Fact:Genetics determine your muscle shape- we are all different and that is actually a wonderful thing.

Myth#6:Heavy weightlifting will make you bulk up.

This is one of the oldest myth in the book and my least favorite. Just as a certain workout make you long and lean if you are not built that way, heavy weights won’t suddenly make you jacked.

Fact:It’s harder to get bulky muscles than you think- bulking like a bodybuilder or professional athlete is impossible without extreme and specific training and dieting.


Myth#7: Muscle “turns to fat” when you stop working out.

One of the biggest myths that keeps people from strength training is that once they stop, their muscle will to fat.  The myth likely comes from seeing format athletes who used to be fit and muscular and now look out of shape.

Fact:Muscles can shrink, but they don’t turn to fat- muscles grow when your strength train. When you stop, your muscles get smaller. It as simple as that.