There’s no properly defined term used for cardio yoga, asinstructors and yoga experts coordinate movement sequences in their own way. You can separate yoga movements such as Surya Namaskar, Uttanasana, Samasthiti, and ChaturangaDandasana with 30-second cardio exercises such as hopping jacks, air squats, and stationary lunges to keep your body moving and faster heartrate. This will bring you in a sequence of cardio yoga workouts.

Yoga mostly focuses on meditation and breathing techniques whereas cardio is more approximately sweating it out with intense movement. In this manner, cardio yoga workout requires performing yogasans at a speedier pace and with the continuous flow to open up more muscles and improve your cardiovascular system.

There are a few moderate-intensity workouts in cardio yoga that work all the major muscles including the arm, chest, back, and legs.

Leg Lift Workout

  • Start with the plank posture. Lift the hips marginally and raise the cleared out leg towards the ceiling.
  • Gradually pull the left leg back down and through and tuck the knees towards the chest. Lift the left leg once more to the ceiling, pulling the left knee and permitting the outerportion of the leg to rest on the floor. Lower the left glute down.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the right leg.

Walk Downs

  • From the standing position, twist at the hips and walk to the plank position. From there, push to the downward-facing dog by pushing the hips to the sky. Remain in the position for 1-2 seconds and after that gradually walk back keeping up the contact of hands with the ground. Return to the standing position.
  • Each movement must be performed 10-15 times before going to the next workout. You’ll indeed mix several of exercises such as hopping jacks, air squats, and stationary lunges to keep the body moving.

Pushup in Child Pose

Start in kneeling plank position, perform a kneeling pushup and sit back on the heels with the arms expanded (child posture). Bring the body forward in the kneeling plank position and repeat the workout.

Benefits of Cardio Yoga

Cardio mixed with your yoga schedule had some major benefits that include:

Keeps Your Heart Healthy – Including cardio workouts to yoga benefits heart muscles. The more you work your heart gets stronger. It raises the heartrate and helps to get rid of toxins from the body by pumping the lymphatic system.

Reduces Stress – Meditation isn’t the only way to reduce stress. Dancing, Jumping, and Squatting are great ways to let go of the daily stress and pressures.

Maximizes Breath -Cardio exercises workouts the lungs and makes them stronger. Yoga along with cardio can help to pick up way better control over breathing.

Lose Weight – Intense forms of yoga can train the heart and increase the burning of calories and helps weight loss. Do Yoga workouts 5 times per week for 30 minutes to lose weight faster.

Enhances Functioning of Brain – It is known that cardio workout increases the stream of blood to the brain, along these lines, updating the functioning of the brain.

Cardio yoga is a popular exercise form that combines yoga with a cardiovascular workout. Cardio yoga is best for those who need to enjoy the unwinding benefits of yoga with some intensity. Cardio yoga includes performing yoga movements at a speedier pace and a continuous flow that locks in muscles and works up the cardiovascular and circulatory system.